Wedding Photography FAQ's

All Your Questions Answered

Wedding Photography FAQ'sWedding Photography FAQ'sAll your questions answered

What is your Style?

My style is documentary style. This means I capture your wedding as it happens without staging or interruption for the majority of the day. Capturing you enjoying the. day with your family and friends. This will get real moments of emotion that can't be staged. I'll never ask you to fake laugh or do anything silly

How do I make a Booking?

Easy really. All my packages are all detailed on the website here so you can decide how much of the day you would like covered so have a look at them and send an email to [email protected] with your date and venue to check availability and we go from there.

Can you Hold a Date?

A date is only booked when a booking form has been filled out and a deposit has been paid. To be fair to all couples I work on a first come first served basis 

When is the Balance Due?

The balance of any package is due on the day of the wedding or anytime before. You can trust I won't run off with the balance and not show up. I think someone might have mentioned in my reviews if I had

All the information you need about wedding photographyAll the information you need about wedding photography

I Live Abroad How Can I Book You?

No problem at all. I have had lots of couples traveling to Ireland for their wedding. We can arrange a video call when suits and my booking form can be sent online and any booking fee can be paid by bank transfer.

What Start Time Do You Start on the Day of the Wedding

Generally I start about 2 hours before the ceremony. This gives loads of time for the prep showing the before and after of getting into the dresses as well as all the nice detail shots of flowers, dresses, jewellery, shoes etc. If the groom is nearby I can pop to him as well. However, all weddings are different and if something else is needed we can work out the best solution for you

What Happens if it Rains on My Wedding Day?

The dreaded rain. We live in Ireland so it is always a possibility. Thankfully it is generally showers so there should be a break in the rain at some point. Summer last year was spent dodging the rain. No day was certain to be dry.

If shooting outdoors is not a possibility this is where your venue plays a very important role. It is amazing that a lot of hotels don't offer great spaces for photography. They use there spaces during the week for conferences and corporate events and for weddings on the weekend so the decor can be a bit bland. Bespoke venues, Castles, Country Houses etc usually offer a greater variety of locations for photos or you can take photos in the rain :)

What Happens If it Rains on My Wedding DayWhat Happens If it Rains on My Wedding Day

Have you Shot in my Venue Before?

I have shot in a lot of venues in Ireland but there is always somewhere new. It doesn't make any difference. I would research it beforehand and on the day I would arrive early to look at all the options and speak with the wedding coordinator who always has some good advice. I know what I need and what will work.

Can we use Sparkler's/Smoke Bombs etc?

You can indeed, but qa word of warning. Plan carefully as accident's will happen if you don't. Also speak to your venue to let them know in case they have any concerns. These shots generally take place later in the evening when guests have had a few drinks and there attitude to the potential dangers are not as strong as if they were sober. Hands get burned, stuff ends up on fire and general chaos starts if you don't plan carefully. I had one wedding where the best man thought it would be a great idea to do the sparkler shot indoors as it was raining outside. I had to politely point out it might (will) set off the fire alarms in the hotel if they did!!

Wedding Photos with SparklersWedding Photos with Sparklers

Do You a Back up or Contingency Plan if Something Goes Wrong?

Yes, yes and yes. I carry several cameras with me. Each camera has a back up memory card slot so if one card fails the other will have the images. Immediately after the wedding I upload all the images to a hard drive and that is backed up to the cloud. The original cards are kept until the final edited images are delivered to the couple.

In the unfortunate event that for some reason I am unable to cover your wedding I have a network of other photographers that I can call on in the event of an emergency.

Who Owns The Copyright of the Images?

The default legal position is the photographer owns the copyright of the images but under the agreement to take your wedding photos you will the the right to use the images for your own personal use such as printing, sharing etc

What Input Do I Have in My Wedding Album

After the wedding if you would like an album I would ask you to decide what photos are to be included and I’ll do up a draft version of the album you can review and suggest any changes to it you would like. We work through those changes until we have a final draft of the album you are happy with. Only then will I send it for printing and usually about 3-4 weeks later your album will arrive.

Wedding Album DesignWedding Albums

Do I Need to Give You a List of Shot's I would Like?

Please don't as it ruins the flow of the day and I spend more time ticking items off a list rather than watching what is actually happening. Shot lists of "bride walking up the aisle" etc are not needed for an experienced wedding photographer. Before the wedding we would have a chat and discuss any important shots or if you would like a group shot etc that would take a bit of planning. During our pre-wedding call I always say to couples that even though I shoot in documentary style if something pops up on the day just let me know and we will get a shot of it.

Do You Do Video?

No is the short answer. The long answer is although they both involve cameras they are drastically different skills. An experienced Videographer is essential if you want your wedding captured on video. I work with several videographers and can recommend them to you if you are looking for video as well. It is important that the photographer and videographer work well together as if one decides they're the boss it can cause tension that you don't need on your wedding day.

If you are not considering a videographer please think again. We all remember the dodgy VHS tapes of hour long ceremonies that were incredibly boring. It has all changed. They are more like mini movies and will stand the test of time.

How long before we get our photos?

I will send you a sneak peak within a few days of 10-12 images for something to share and after that it will be within 8 weeks of the wedding. Weddings in peak times will be closer to the 8 weeks and in off peak times could be 4-5 weeks. When I know when I will have the images I will contact you with an exact date.

How long will we spend posing for photos on the day?

As little or as much as you would like is the short answer. Before the day we will have a chat and go through the timeline and discuss what you would like. I have had weddings where the couple had multiple locations they wanted photos at and took a. good bit of time to couples who only wanted all candid shots and everything between. I'll talk you through the pros and cons of each situation and you can decide. Although if you bring a cute pet we may take a little longer

Formal Wedding Photos How long does it take?Formal Wedding Photos How long does it take?

I Don't Like My Photo Being Taken - I Feel Awkward

I'll let you into a secret, most people are the same. I hate somebody putting a camera in my face and telling me to perform so I will never do that to you. During the day most shots are candid so you are enjoying your day and I am capturing it. During the family photos I'll organise everyone and get them over as quickly as possible as nobody really enjoys them. For the bridal couple we can take a few minutes at a location we have decided on and I can guide you into a few nice poses and you'd be amazed that it is easier than you think.

Family Photos

This the bit of the day most people dread. If you are getting married in a venue that is different from where the reception will be EG City Hall, The Registry Office etc and you have to travel to the reception then if possible do the group photos at the ceremony venue. The reason being with everyone traveling to the venue people go missing. At hotels people start checking into rooms and it starts being chaos trying to find everyone. 

Also try to keep the number of photos to a minimum. Don't take them just so someone won't feel left out unless it is absolutely necessary. Immediate family and bridal party would be a normal starting point.

I don't Like my Photo being takenI don't Like my Photo being taken

Group Photo of all your guests

I am a fan of a group photo of everyone at the wedding if it's possible to do though I never suggest it as it gives people the fear thinking about organising it. I think it is a really nice memory to have everyone in one shot. Some venues have great spots for this others don't. If you do decide to do it the best times are immediately after the ceremony as everyone is together or when the venue rings the bell for dinner we can arrange for them to ring the bell 5 minutes earlier and herd them into the area for the group shot. When people are in place the shot only takes a minute

Wedding Group PhotosWedding Group Photos

Travel Time

If your ceremony and reception venues are different do factor in the time to travel between them. Google maps may say 20 mins but it is always longer than that. Greeting guests, everyone wants a photo, someone goes missing, getting cars, the list goes on.

Winter Weddings

Winter weddings are popular especially around Christmas as family members are home from abroad. However from a photography point of view they have some challenges. In December it can be dark at 4pm so best to have the ceremony earlier. Also think of the bridesmaids, do they have a nice shawl or jacket to keep warm. Nothing worse than everyone shivering while the photos are done. Indoors is always an option. If you are planning a winter wedding then please discuss the timeline with the photographer to ensure you get the photos you want.

Winter Wedding PhotosWinter Wedding Photos

I Read this on Facebook/Wedding Blog etc...,

Most articles online are designed to draw you in so you will click on a link or get involved in a discussion. Most articles are written by marketing people and generally have little experience of working at lots of weddings. The articles are designed for their google ranking rather than your wedding. They go for the controversial and outlandish advice and situations to generate traffic. So please ignore a lot of it.

Most suppliers are experts in their own field but I am biased but the only suppliers that have experience of what happens at every stage of your wedding day is the venue coordinator, the photographer and the videographer. From morning to evening they are with you and experience everything you do and have done with lots of couples before you so please use them and ask their advice and not random strangers on the internet.

Final Advice

Pick your Bridesmaids well. When you ask them tell them saying no is perfectly fine if they don't feel they can commit. People can have a lot going on and that's ok. There is nothing worse than having a bridesmaid that doesn't want to be one (it can ruin the day and whole run up to the wedding) and there is nothing better than having a bridesmaid that does want to be one as it will help make the day and the run up to it.

Try to keep to your timeline but if you over run don't worry about it too much and let the stress in. Discuss with the venue/photographer or whoever is impacted what can be done to catch up or rearrange things. I have seen every situation and there is almost always a solution

By the time dinner is called everyone is hungry so best to have some finger food at the drinks reception. I have seen sweet trolleys demolished before dinner with hungry guests.

Different venues have preferred times for speeches. After the food orders are taken and before the starters come out is probably best. Speakers can be nervous so want to get it done. Everyone is sitting at the tables and reasonably fresh. Don't have too many and keep them reasonably short. Unless you are a very good public speaker after 10 minutes you can lose the room. If you do them after one of the courses usually half the room is not at their table and getting them back in can be difficult

And finally finally: Enjoy your day. It goes quick and it will be a bit of a blur so when the photos arrive relive your day and enjoy it all over again

If you have any other questions please get in touch [email protected]

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