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John Lowe Limited Editions Fine Art Photographic Print

Black and White Portrait of John Lowe 3 Times World Darts Champion with his signature gold darts best known in the 1970's and 1980's when Darts ruled the world. John Lowe accomplished the first ever televised nine-dart finish in 1984 against Keith Dellar winning an astonishing £102,000.

1st Limited Edition of 180 Prints
Fine Art Limited Edition of 180 Prints 40cm x 50cm Printed on PermaJet Photo Art Pearl 290gsm Paper

PermaJet Photo Art Pearl 290gsm Paper
A wonderful fibre based paper that has a glorious pearl/lustre finish. This is an acid-free paper with strong DMax, making it a great choice for photographers looking for a paper that is reminiscent of the true darkroom equivalent. Rich colours and deep blacks jump off this paper and it is exceptionally good when mounted.

2nd Limited Edition of 501 Prints
Fine Art Limited Edition of 501 Prints 29.7cm x 42.0cm (A3) Printed on PermaJet Titanium Lustre 280gsm Paper

PermaJet Titanium Lustre 280gsm Paper
Simply put, this is an amazing paper that needs to be seen to be believed. Offering beautifully deep tones and a strikingly wide colour gamut, colours are extremely accurate and the papers textured surface delivers incredible water imagery that seems to reflect right off the page. Thanks to the metallic base there is a slight sparkling effect under the right lighting conditions making the paper can hold incredible detail – making it perfect for HDR photography, black and white portraits and coastal landscapes.

Maximum 2 Prints Per Customer.

All Prints will be signed and numbered by the photographer with no watermark.

Photographer Simon Peare

Email [email protected]
John Lowe 3 Time World Darts Champion Limited Edition Photograph

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