Top 5 Tips For Hiring a Photographer For Your Wedding or Event in Dublin

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Top 5 Tips for Hiring an Event or Wedding Photographer in Dublin or Ireland


So you have an event or wedding in Dublin and need a photographer. What do you do? Google and hope for the best. Well here are my 5 top tips for what to do when looking for a professional wedding or event photographer in Dublin. If you have time after reading below please visit my Wedding Photography Page or my Event Photography Page for even more information

Tip Number One - How To Research The Best Photographer For Your Event in Dublin

So if you have never hired a professional photographer before then the easiest option is to use Google. Now the question is what should you Google. If you search for a photographer then the number of results will be mind boggling. Try to define your event. For example if it is a Wedding and you live in Dublin then try goggling "Wedding Photographer Dublin". If your event is a corporate event then try searching for "Corporate Event Photographer Dublin". You will still have loads of professional photographers in Dublin to choose from but at least you have narrowed the search. 

Tip Number Two - Does The Photographer's Previous Work Meet Your Expectations

Now you have narrowed your list of professional photographers in Dublin to a manageable few. Next thing to do is to check out their website. "What am I looking for?" I hear you ask. Well, look at their previous work at similar events to your own. Consider if the photographs produced are similar to what you require. If you need social shots of the attendees enjoying themselves at your event then you don't need a photographer that only does landscapes. Also check if the website is updated regularly. This shows they are active, in demand and take pride in their work. A website that is updated often will also give you an idea of the consistency of a photographer's work. You can also look at images the photographer has produced that may be on different subjects than you require. This will give you a sense of how adaptable the photographer can be in different situations. At this stage you should pick two or three photographers that you like so you can make contact with them.

Tip Number Three - Make Contact With The Potential Photographers

Now you have a very short list of potential photographers for your event and it is time to make contact with them. Whatever your preference may be, contact the photographer by email or phone to discuss your requirements. Personally I prefer the phone as you should immediately see if you have a rapport with your potential photographer. Each wedding or event is different but the first question to ask is whether or not the photographer is available on the date you require. If the photographer is available then other good questions to ask include. How much will hiring a professional photographer cost? What is included in the price quoted? If you require physical prints of the photographs how much extra would this be? What can the images be used for?  How quick will the images be turned around? Even if your wedding or event is in Dublin confirm if traveling expenses are extra or included.

Tip Number Four - Make A Decision And Pick Your Photographer

After you have been in touch with the potential photographers you can now decide who to pick. Price is always a good place to start. If you are happy with the quality of each potential photographer's work and they all fit your requirements then the cheapest quote is always very tempting. However before diving in consider whether a more expensive quote is giving you something extra and does it represent value for money. Also consider how the photographer considered your requirements and how adaptable they were to meeting them. Good communication between a photographer and their client is essential to produce the images you need. It can be better to pay a little extra if you feel you have a rapport with the photographer you are hiring. If you are choosing a photographer for your wedding then consider you will have several meetings with them over a period of months to get all the details correct so dealing with somebody you feel comfortable with and have confidence with is essential.

Tip Number Five - Put It In Writing

To avoid misunderstandings with what is required it is always best to put your expectations in writing and ask the potential photographer to confirm they understand what is expected. It doesn't need to be drawn up by a team of lawyers or anything like that. A simple email can do. If the event has a larger budget such as a wedding a contract may be advisable. The photographer may be able to provide this. If they do then read it carefully and get advice if you feel you need it. Hopefully after all your careful research and discussion it will not be needed, but just in case there is a misunderstanding then you can refer to it. If you are not dealing with the photographer directly on the day of your wedding or event then forward the requirements to the person that will be and let the photographer know who the point of contact is. 

I hope the above has pointed you in the right direction for choosing a professional photographer in Dublin but please contact me if you have any questions at all.

Till the next time thanks for reading.




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